Body Cocoons

  • Detox Body Cocoon - 60 Mins
    This body cocoon begins with a gentle skin smoothing Sugar Exfoliation to prime and prepare the skin for out detoxifying and refreshingly scented peppermint French Green Clay Detox Body Mask. Drawing out impurities and toxins from your skin, this Cocoon deeply nourishes and improves your skin tone and texture. Whilst cocooned and enveloped in a state of deep relaxation, a Calming Facial and Scalp Massage is preformed to seal this treatment as a truly heavenly experience. Includes shower.
  • Hydration Cocoon - 60 Mins
    Gentle and relaxing Dry Skin Brushing starts this treatment to remove dead skin cells while promoting cleansing and detoxifying lymphatic flow through your whole body. Relax while our intensely nourishing and warm body butter is applied to your whole body for ultimate hydration and sublime relaxation. Whist your body is cocooned a Calming Facial and Scalp Massage is preformed revealing a more hydrated, calm and radiant skin. This is a prefect treatment for sun-damaged, dehydrated and aging skin.
  • AHA Body Peel - 60 Mins
    The ultimate body peel packed with Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Citric Acid, gently encourages cellular turnover and removes built up dry and flakey skin. This treatment is perfect for treating ingrown hairs, breakouts, congestion on the back, décolletage and back of the arms, Including a warm shower, followed by a coat of nourishing body oil leaving your skin more youthful, rejuvenated, silky soft and glowing!
  • Back Facial - 30 Mins
    Relax, unwind and allow us to treat the skin on your back and shoulder to some serious TLC. With a focus on removing congestion, rough skin and ingrown hairs this treatment deep cleanses, exfoliates and intensely hydrates those areas of skin using 100% natural botanical extracts. Your back will feel smoother, skin will feel more supple and soft.